Thursday, September 11, 2008

There's something about Sarah...

Wow, I think I'm in love! The presidential race got a lot more exciting in recent weeks now that Sarah Palin has joined with John McCain to be his running mate. I think she's just great. She's the governor of the great state of Alaska and she's really cool.

She knows how to hunt and fish and shoot guns, and she looks great in heels. Everyone was taken by surprise when Senator McCain announced she was going to be his running mate. . . . Especially the Democrats.

They've been telling us for months that America is ready to put a woman in the White House, unfortunately for them Mrs. Bill Clinton was the closest thing they could find; although when it came right down to it, it turns out even they couldn't stand her. And even though Mrs. Palin is running only for vice president it's still a big deal and just the kind of thing John McCain needed to help jump start his campaign, and maybe even his heart.

Of course not everyone thinks Mrs. Palin is cool, like I do. Some people have criticized Senator McCain for choosing her. Especially the Democrats.

Some have suggested she's too young, but that's just plain silly, both Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were even younger when they took office.

Some people say she lacks experience because she didn't come out of Washington, but that's just not so. I think being a governor (one of only 50) is a job of great responsibility.

As governor her job is to manage the day to day business of running of an entire state. This includes managing billion dollar budgets, overseeing hundreds of state agencies which provide all kinds of services, while employing thousands of state workers. As governor she is both CEO of her state's economy and commander and chief of the national guard.

By contrast members of congress bare none of these responsibilities and presides over no one but their own staff. Even Senator McCain has never had the burden of running an entire state.

I thought the speech she gave at the Republican Convention was just great. It was watched by almost 39 million people, which had to make the Obamacrats a little nervous. It seems that suddenly everyone wants to know a little more about Sarah Palin, . . . . especially the Democrats, who, according to an article in this week's Wall Street Journal, allegedly sent a group of about 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers all the way to Alaska in search of any information they can use against her and her family in an effort to destroy this woman's political career and get Mr. Obama elected.
I don't know about you, but that's not what I would call "Fair and balanced."

For the past two weeks Governor Palin has had to put up with a lot of personal criticism, some of it quite nasty. The other day Mr. Obama himself said during a speech
"You can put lipstick on a pig. . . but it's still a pig."
He said later he was referring to Senator McCain's political ideas, but considering the outburst of laughter he got from his audience, it was quite obvious who he was referring to.

Just like the Democrats, there are many people in the media who support Mr. Obama and want to see John McCain and Sarah Palin go away. They like to pretend they're unbiased, but it's pretty obvious they're not, especially considering some of the mean things they've been writing about her and her family.

I know they're not perfect, and they have their problems like a lot of other hard working American families, but at least we know who they are. As far as we know, none of them are living in poverty and sleeping in a tin-roof shack,
like Mr Obama's half brother, George Obama.
Oops-!!. . . . How did that slip out?

I know it's normal for two political rivals to go at it on the campaign trail, but when so many people in the main stream media seem to be cheering for Mr. Obama, while at the same time openly taking potshots at McCain & Palin, it has to make you wonder, is this what they call fair and balanced treatment? . . . I don't think so!

Over the next seven weeks we're going to hear a lot about Sarah Palin and her family and some of it is sure to be ugly.

The main stream media will be working overtime, leaving no stone unturned, looking for anything they can find to convince us that Sarah Palin is unfit for office, all in a desperate push to get their candidate, Barack Obama elected.

But, as brutal as the news media can be, it's still nothing compared to flogging she and her family will have to endure from the other half of the Obama obsessed media. Even if the press fails to find fault with her, the entertainment elite will. She'll be mocked and ridiculed by everyone from Michael Moore to the pop-culture political know-it-all's of Hollywierd, not to mention every Bush hating, left-wing comedian with a blog and a cable show.

As if all that weren't enough, she'll also have to deal with the guerrilla tactics of of the left-wing bloggers, who seem to feel they have the right to make up their own facts and say whatever they please. From that group you can be sure she'll be called every nasty name in the book.

They'll call her a George Bush want-a-be, a warmonger, a religious zealot, a ideologue, a hypocrite, a liar, a redneck, a hick, a racist, a homophobe, an unfit mother and just plain stupid.

They'll say she's unsophisticated, uninformed, uneducated and corrupt.

By the time they're done dragging her through the mud her kids might have trouble recognizing their own mother.

And all this will come from the very same people who dare to lecture us on how we all need to be less judgmental, more tolerant, open-minded, and sensitive to the ideas of others.

Yeah . . Right!!

When you think about it, it makes you wonder why anyone would want this job in the first place. I sure hope Mrs. Palin knows what she's getting herself into, it's not a job you can easily walk away from. Senator McCain is a tough old bird who's been a fighter all of his life. My only hope is that Sarah Palin is up for the fight of her life.

If she and Senator McCain win, she'll make history, If they looses the Democrats and the main stream media will sweep her away like the trash they already think she is.

Hang in there Mrs. Palin, you still got my vote.
But hey, what do I know, I'm just a dog.

I think I'll go play with my frisbee now, or maybe just take a nap.
This politics stuff really tires me out.

Hey Mom, I miss you!!!