Monday, March 02, 2009

Our first real snow...

Holy Cow, what a day! The moment I stepped out of my crate I knew today was going to be something special, but I wasn't expecting all this. It must have snowed all night, by the time I got up the whole yard was covered in a blanket of frosty white snow--- deeper than I've ever seen it.
Oh happy days!

Just the other day I was complaining to Zoe about how boring this winters been due to the lack of snow. So you can imagine how excited I was the moment I looked outside this morning.
What a lucky dog I am. My prayers have been answered!

The first thing I did was take a quick hop around the yard, just to get the feel of it.

Once I checked it all out Zoe came out and joined me.
She loves snow almost as much as I do.

Then Mom came out with a few toys and Zoe and I were off and running.

This snow was pretty deep, almost up to my chest.

Here's Mom measuring it.

I love playing frisbee in the snow. It's easy to see.

Zoe can barely keep up with me when it's this deep.

I think Mom was having a pretty good time as well...

This snow was almost too deep for Zoe, she's kind of small.

But is was no problem for me!
And yes, that is a stick hanging off me.

After about an hour I had to take a break and cool off.
Zoe and I had a great time today, even if we did make a mess of the kitchen floor. Hopefully the snow will stick around for a day or two. I sure wouldn't mind another romp in the snow before the rains come and wash it all way, but even if it all melts tomorrow, I'm still glad we at least had today.
It's days like this that make me appreciate how good it is to be just a dog.