Sunday, April 01, 2007

Reilly The Deer Hunter ...

Spring is in the air and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm completely over the whole snow thing, that can wait until next year. Right now I'm all about playing outside, warm sunny days and the smell of fresh cut grass. If this is what they call spring fever, I don't want the cure.
I'm feeling great!

Something cool happened on Friday; I chased away a couple of deer all by myself. Marley and Zoe were nowhere to be found so it was totally up to me to defend the yard against the intruders. I was playing outside with my wubba when I first caught sight of them. As I recall, there were about five of them, but there could of been more. They were lurking in the woods just beyond the back yard fence. They didn't see me but I saw them and I knew just what to do. I sat perfectly still and waited to see how close they'd come before I made my move, but I didn't have to wait long. Before I knew it, two of the brazen creatures came strolling right out in the open like they owned the place. I couldn't believe the nerve of these things. I couldn't wait another minute, so I jumped up, and in my loudest, and most my authoritative voice. I let them know who was in charge.

"Hey you deer! Get the buck off my property" I said.

I'm only about 45 pounds but you wouldn't know it by my bark. To them I probably sounded like a mountain lion, or even a bear.

Needless to say they were stunned by what they heard. Even I was a little stunned. I didn't know I had it in me. Their reaction was immediate. It didn't seem to matter that I was 50 feet away and about a 100 pounds lighter then the smallest one. I could see they were scared shitless. They couldn't have been more afraid if I were in a Hummer full of drunken rednecks and armed to the teeth.

It didn't take but a second for those deer to turn tail and dissolve into the woods, faster then spit. It was great. My first solo encounter with the dreaded deer and I was fabulous. I only wish Marley and Zoe were there to have seen me in action. I can't wait until the next time, but I doubt we'll be seeing any of them around the yard anytime soon.

A little while later dad found me playing with a bumble bee and took it away from me because he was afraid I might get stung. I felt like saying "What are kidding, didn't you just see how I handled those deer, I was fabulous. You think I'm afraid of a fuzzy little bug?"

So that's my big story for the week. Next week is Easter so I'll have something to say about those rabbits and their silly eggs.

Oh, before I forget, I should mention that Monday is Mom's birthday and I'm very excited about that.I'm thinking about giving her that bumble bee I found as a gift. I don't think she has one of those yet. I'm not suppose to tell anyone how old she's going to be because she's a little sensitive about it, but she probably wouldn't mind if I gave you a little hint so here it is: If we were talking dog years, she'd be pushing 357.

Wow... that's old. I'd better not say anymore.
It's getting late, I need to go find that dead bee before I turn in.

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