Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dead in the water....

Holy Cow,

It looks like the end may be near for Mrs. Bill Clinton, after her big loss last night in North Carolina, and the fact that she only barely squeaked by in Indiana. Wow, how is this even possible, Ms. Hillary has been telling everyone for months she's going to be our next president, and now it looks like she might not be. Just last week she said she was going to SMASH OPEC, that sounds impressive, but how is it she thinks she can do that if she can't even beat Mr. Obama for the nomination of her own party.

Wow, this politics stuff sure is weird, even for a dog.
I think now is a good time to ask Mom to find me a brand-new Barack Obama chew-toy. Like I've said before, those old Hillary Clinton toys were just way too hard to chew, and they leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Hey, who needs that, I got plenty of stuff to play with.
And besides, I'm just a dog...

Oh, by the way, I've got a fun weekend coming up. Mandy is coming for her first visit and I can't wait.
Woof-Woof !!!


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