Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm still waiting for the snow! ...

I'm very disappointed.
When I went to bed last night I was expecting to wake up this morning to see four or five inches of nice, white, fluffy snow waiting for me in the back yard. What I got was about a half inch of wet snow, mixed with slush. What a letdown. This whole winter has been one big bust. It's almost March already and the snowy season is almost over. I'm very disappointed, I've been waiting almost half my life for a day of fun in the snow but so far all I've seen is a bunch of slush. Yuck!!!

Damn you Al Gore, and your Global Warming.

I've only had one opportunity this winter to play in snow, and even that was a disappointment. It happened about four weeks ago; I woke up one morning to find about two inches of light power had fallen during the night. Naturally I was very excited, being the first real snow I'd ever seen. I couldn't wait to get out there and sink my paws into that fluffy white stuff, but unfortunately my day of fun in the snow was short-lived. As the sun came up, so did the temperature, and by early afternoon most of the snow had melted away, leaving nothing but a slushy and muddy mess. I will say this: It was nice while it lasted, but it did little to quench my lust for snow. I love snow. I'm still hoping for a big one. About six or seven inches would be good. Maybe we'll get a nice big storm some time between now and St. Patrick's Day.
Yes... that would do me nicely. I guess all I can do is hope.

Here's a few pictures of me taken playing in the little snow I did have just before it melted.

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Allison said...

Obviously you don't drive, Reilly. If you like snow so much, why don't you move to New York!