Saturday, December 01, 2007

Marley's not feeling well...

Poor Marly had a bad week. Mom & Dad had to take her to the the dog hospital on Thursday to have a lump on her rump removed. She also had a boo-boo on her foot which the doctors thought might in some way be related, but as of now that doesn't appear to be the case. Thankfully.

They gave her a whole bunch of tests and made her spend two nights at the hospital where she was givin all kinds of special medicines made just for dogs. I'm sure it must have been terrible for her, I myself hate taking medicine, even when they try to hide it in a big hunk of liverwurst.

They brought her home this afternoon wearing some funny looking thing on her back leg; she also has to wear one of those crazy upside-down lamp shades on her head for about a week until she's all healed up. I know she's got to hate that, and I do feel sorry for her, but I must admit, she sure looks pretty funny.
Hopefully by the end of next week she'll be feeling a whole lot better and so will Mom & Dad.

For now Zoe and I have to try to be extra nice to Marley which means trying not to laugh, even when we see her trying to climb the stairs wearing that silly thing on her head.

I think I'm going to get Dad to take a picture of that..

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Malin & Tea said...

Poor Marly, I know she has worn the upside down lampshade before; I saw the photos. Hope she feels better and that the lump turns out to be nothing.