Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama is "Staying Alive- Staying Alive!"

Holy Cow,

Can you believe it, he's done it again. Yesterday Barack Obama went on to beat Mrs. Bill Clinton in two more presidential primaries, adding Wisconsin and Hawaii to his long list of wins, which now stands at ten in a row. An impressive show of political strength anyway you spin it. I'll bet her friends at MSNBC are not happy about that.

A year ago who would of ever thought it was even possible that this young upstart, one-term Senator from Illinois, saddled with a Muslim name would do so well in the polls against Her Royal Highness (Mrs. Bill Clinton).

This is truly amazing in the world of politics because it was never supposed to happen this way. I guess Mr. Obama didn't get the memo in time; you know, the one that decrees Mrs. Bill Clinton as the rightful heir to the Democratic throne. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when they let the voters get involved.

Silly voters, I guess they didn't get the memo either.

I'll bet there was a whole lot of barking going on in the Clinton camp last night. She's been flashing teeth like a angry Chihuahua all week, so this loss couldn't have come at a worse time. Poor Mr. Bill, probably caught the worst of it. God knows somebody is going to pay a price for this. I'm sure glad I wasn't in her hotel room when lamps started flying. I wonder who's going to get fired this week as punishment for her poor performance.

Now, I should point out, that just because she's down doesn't mean she's out; she still has Ohio and Texas next week and who knows how that will go. At this point anything can still happen. Winning primaries and collecting delegates is one thing, but winning the Democratic nomination is quite another. If there's one sure thing that can be said about the Clintons, it's that they don't ever give up power without a fight. Even though Mr. Obama is way ahead in the popular vote and has won more states and collected more delegates, he's still not a sure thing.

There's still the issue of all those (so called) "Super Delegates," where it's rumored the Clinton's still wield a great deal of influence, which could affect the final outcome.--- But, be that as it may, people still expect their votes to count for something. If Mrs. Bill Clinton continues to lose primaries to Mr. Obama, but somehow still manages to win the nomination by means of some kind of back-room deal, you can rest assure that rank-and-file Democrats will not go quietly.
To quote a popular movie, "There will be blood."

So in the end, it may be that even the Clintons might not be able to pull that one off.

For now Mrs. Clinton is back at work on the campaign trail, bad mouthing Mr Obama at every stop, while she continues to "pimp-out" Chelsea and Bill for the votes of the little people. I have no doubt she will take this thing as far as it will go, or until she runs out of money. Which ever comes first.

Thankfully she still has the support of her family and friends as well as Hollywood Celebes like Barbra Streisand, who as far as I know, has not yet succumb to a case of this highly contagious and quickly spreading, Obama Fever. But after next week, who knows how long even she can hold out. Only time will tell.

But hey, what do I know, I'm just a dog.

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